Youth Leadership Duties

Leadership Opportunities
Our troop is "Boy Run - Boy Done", meaning that the junior leadership positions really run troop 216. There are several positions a Boy Scout can hold in his Troop. It is an honor to hold a leadership position and should be treated as one. You also need leadership experience for rank advancements.  All leaders are required to go to the Leadership Training meeting at Camp Welser in the fall. Below is the organization of the troop, and then a list of all the leadership opportunities and duties. View Current Leadership
Troop Organization:
Junior Leader Duties:
SPL - Senior Patrol Leader

Runs all troop meetings

Runs PLC – once per month

Responsible for training and supervising the ASPL, Scribe, and Troop Guide positions

Responsible for administering troop actions during all activities and outings

Serves as the beginning of phone chain

Sets the standard for scout behavior – role model and mentor


ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Steps in for SPL when absent

Assists the SPL in running troop meetings

Serves as a member of the PLC

Responsible for training and supervising: PL, Librarian, QuarterMaster, Den Chiefs, Bugler, Chaplain’s Aid, Historian, and OA Representative

Assists SPL in administering troop actions during all activities and outings

Serves on the phone chain between SPL and PL

Sets the standard for scout behavior – role model and mentor


PL - Patrol Leader

Responsible for supervising patrol in meetings and on all outings

Serves as a member of the PLC

Responsible for planning at least 1 campout per year

-          Responsible for administering the schedule and activities on planned outing

Responsible for training and supervising patrol members
Serves on the phone chain between ASPL and patrol members


APL - Assistant Patrol Leader

Steps in for patrol leader when absent

Assists PL in all duties


Troop Guide

Guides new scouts in troop activities

-          meetings

-          campouts

-          activities

Serves as a member of the PLC

Teaches scout skills to new scouts for rank advancement

Assists ASPLs with training and supervising PLs



Responsible for

-   keeping records on troop equipment during all outings

-   having equipment replaced/ repaired when needed

-   presenting requests for new equipment to troop committee

-   organizing the trailer during and between troop outings

-   organizing the knot box

Attends PLC


Scribe – Financial and Record keeping officer

Records PLC minutes – posts to internet via historian

Works with committee member responsible for records and finance

Keeps records of payments to the troop – dues, campouts, special activities

Keeps records of scout attendance at campouts

Assists SPL in keeping track of troop member advancement



Administers the troop web site

Collects pictures, stories, jokes, ets. for troop archive

Attends PLC



Administers the troop library (2009 project)

Responsible for merit badge schedule

-          Soliciting merit badges required by troop members

-          lining up counselors

-          maintaining rotating schedule

Maintains active list of registered, willing merit badge counselors

Attends PLC


Chaplain’s Aid

Responsible for 12th point activities on all outings

Coordinate religious emblem programs

Resource for HS scouts


Den Chief

Serves as Den chief for cub scout den/pack

Responsible for completing council den chief training

Serves as link between cub scout packs and troop


OA representative

Serves as link between Chicagami Lodge and Troop

Serves as vital resource on what OA is

Administers OA elections

Tracks scout progress to OA

Attends PLC



Assists SPL in calling meetings to attention and closing (circle up)

Assists SPL on campouts with Revile and TAPS

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